When it comes to winning at blackjack, one needs to rely on much more than..
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When it comes to winning at blackjack, one needs to rely on much more than basic strategy and card counting...

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When it comes to winning at blackjack, one needs to rely on much more than basic strategy and card counting. Winning money on a constant basis is largely dependent on the betting system you employ. For seasoned players, it is common knowledge that one minute, you can be rolling in chips and the next, there won't be any chip in sight and you would have lost everything.

The chip stacks used in your average game of blackjack usually fluctuate in an erratic manner and thus it is important to find the best betting system. There are three very popular betting systems that have been used in the past and are still being used and they are going to be discussed in this article as they are the best to use while playing blackjack. The systems are as follows:


Description: This system is a negative progression betting system. Sometimes it is known as "Cancellation". "Cross out", "Labby" or "Split Martingale". If one uses the Labouchere betting system, upon completion of the whole betting cycle, a profit will always be made. In order to complete the system, then all bets must be won.

How It Works: To begin, one must first put down a series of numbers like "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8", mind you, the series is not fixed and any number and length could be used. For instance, it could be "1 4 4 5 9 7" or even "6 7 7 7 9 5 1 3 4 1 1". The values put down and the length of the numbers depend on the game being played and the rules involved.

Every number written in the series stands for a value in chips or in units. To start by, one would need to add the first and last number in the series, together. The sum of it equals the unit or chips that you are going to bet. If it's a win, then endeavor to cross out those numbers you added and then add the new first and last numbers, using the result to place the second bet. If a loss is recorded as any time before the system is complete, you have to begin again. If you manage to complete the system by winning all the bets, then you have to begin again, using the original sum from the first and last number you began with before.

It is important to develop system before playing to win money and also to adhere to its rules. Always make sure your bankroll is accounted for.


Description: This system, unlike the one above, is a positive progression system. It does not need a large bankroll and in many quarters is considered more stable than other systems when blackjack is concerned.

How It Works: The first bet is started with one unit. If that bet is won, then the second bet is calculated as the sum of the first bet and your winnings. If the second bet is a winner as well, then the third bet is the sum of the second bet and the winnings from it. If a loss is encountered at any point, then the next bet has to be started from one unit again.

To put this in perspective, consider this, if the starting amount is $100 and then you win $100, then it means that the second bet you make, will be $200. If the second bet is a winner, then the third bet will be $400 and so on and so forth. Always include your winnings in the next bet, not forgetting the extra winnings gotten from splitting, doubling down or blackjack.

It is important to designate a stopping point before you begin gambling. This stopping point may refer to a unit or dollar amount. Remember to always bet one unit on the next bet after losing a bet or reaching your stop point.


Description: This is another positive progression betting system. This system is gotten from.the system used by banks to compound interest and is sometimes called the "Let It Ride" betting system. It involves less risk than other systems because it does not need a large bankroll.

How It Works: It is similar to the Paroli betting system. The only difference is that as per the other name, you actually "let it ride" with bets placed. After each successive bet, you place the winnings on the original bet and there is no predetermined stopping point. This bet is done in a pyramid fashion, hence a small bet can produce very large winnings. As a downside, however, when you lose, you lose everything.

These three systems are the best systems used when playing blackjack. Of course, there are other betting systems but they apply to other games. Your bankroll and also, your personal style will determine the system you choose to use. These betting systems work for both real casinos as well as online ones.


A very large number of people indulge in sports betting or gambling each day. One very strong general opinion is that it is not possible to win money from sports betting. Now, while it may be true that making money from sports betting is hard, it is far from impossible.

To prove this, one need only look to the stock exchange. A large number of people lose a lot of money through the stock exchange, but on the flip side, so many others have become millionaires because of it. One could think the same way about sports gambling. There is no system that does not have its downsides and inefficiencies. There would be no reason for anyone to gamble on sports if the system was perfectly efficient.

For those people who are not making a significant profit from sports gambling, one thing you can try to do is to exert better control over your bank account. Imagine for instance, that you have about $100. In that case, you are possibly betting about $10 to $25 each time. If you lose a few bets, that's basically the end. As a good preventive measurement for extensive loss, try not to bet more than 1-5% of your money. When you do this, you afford yourself steady growth over time, as opposed to sudden drops or plunges in the account.

Another thing to do is to analyze bets very well and award confidence ratings to them based on your own calculations, which could be on a one to five-star scale. The amount put on a five-star bet may be about $5 while a two-star bet may attract just $1. If extensive research has been done, then you will notice that the five-star bets cushion whatever losses you might suffer from the lower star bets and keep you on top.

However, you need to ensure that adequate research has been done. Time should not be a hindrance as it may take all day for you to arrive at a decision on various games while taking account the various injury report and other noteworthy occurrences. If this sound too hard, then, of course, there are other options which are sports betting systems and also, sport handicapping services.

An NBA betting system, for instance, may suggest that if a team loses three straight games on the road and happen to be at home for their next game, then you need to bet the spread. These systems usually record very good success, and you just have to find a good, tested and trusted system because the betting industry is not a stranger to scammers. Sports handicappers are no different. Locate the best one for you and you can hit on 60 - 65% of the games you bet, but if you happen to see a bad one, which is, sadly, more likely, then you stand to lose your entire bankroll.

Hopefully, this article will turn your sports betting life around. For premium betting experience, visit